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This series is inspired by my poem ”Meet Me in My Dreams”. The setting for many of the images is a fairytale landscape whose inhabitants are clouded in ambiguity. The ghostlike figures are reflections of the later years when beauty and youth begin to fade. They embody the feeling that one is becoming invisible and yet still present and powerful.
The work speaks to family, memory, and the ethereal passage of time.
The images are created using wet plate collodion. I scan and enlarge them to enhance the organic qualities of the medium.

”Meet Me in My Dreams”

Walking through the forest of my dreams
I see a varied cast of characters.
Some are known
And some are strangers.
Some are real,
Some imagined.

I catch a glimpse of something yet I look again
and nothing is there, perhaps scattered by the wind.
My eyes are tricked by the play of light
on each and every tree.
I sometimes sense I am not alone and
someone watches me.

The stories told are mine alone.
Imagination fuels my memories and my vision is revealed.
I invite you to come and meet me in my dreams.

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