Escaping into the solitude of nature
where time stands still,
One breath to the next,
a respite for the body and the mind.

The creatures, each on their own journeys
wander nearby.
The melodies of the crickets and the frogs
resonate in their natural cadence
Oblivious to our chaos.

Can one linger here in invisibility...
disappearing into the hidden realms?
Perhaps not forever, but for a moment.

c Mary Anne Mitchell

As we seek solace in the gift that is our natural world, I am conscious of the obligation to also be its guardian and caretaker.

Hidden Realms is a diaristic series that stems from my instinctive need to return to nature as a way to cope with the chaos of our current situation. My poem is inspired by some of the images and the inspiration for others.

In Hidden Realms, I inhabit lush landscapes with a mysterious cast of characters from those in their prime to ghostly apparitions. For each photograph, I use my own body, other models of all ages, hand-constructed figures, and a range of artifacts to engage with the environment.

I use a historic photographic process, wet plate collodion, to capture many of the images. It requires long exposure times and was used by our earliest photographers. Once I have the image, I turn to 21st century processes to scan it. Once captured as a digital file, I can print out in traditional ways or select other strata. I have printed on diaphanous silk banners and created an installation inviting the viewer to wander through this southern gothic haven.
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