Hidden Realms

Escaping into the solitude of nature
where time stands still,
One breath to the next,
a respite for the body and the mind.

The creatures, each on their own journeys
wander nearby.
The melodies of the crickets and the frogs
resonate in their natural cadence
Oblivious to our chaos.

Can one linger here in invisibility...
disappearing into the hidden realms?
Perhaps not forever, but for a moment.

c Mary Anne Mitchell

This diaristic series stems from an instinctive need to return to nature as a way to cope with the chaos of our current situation.

The lush landscapes are inhabited by the vitality of youthful figures and the knowing presence of ghostly apparitions as well as miniature figures exaggerating this precarious state of being. As I seek solace in the gift that is our natural world, I am conscious of the obligation to also be its guardian and caretaker.